What We Believe

Community of Faith

Westminster is a community of faith centered on the love of God, revealed in Christ Jesus, our Lord, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). At Westminster we believe that the God of all creation is a God of love, and we believe this is true because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. In Jesus, God is saving the world, and as Christ’s disciples we are called to join in this saving work, keeping in mind that Jesus did not come to create a new religion, but rather a new community, centered on the love and grace of God.


Worship is the primary way we join in God’s saving work, but worship at Westminster is more than engaging music, lively sermons, and thoughtful prayers. Worship is also the living liturgy of discipleship where we take our worship outside the walls of our building. When we love and serve others, we are the church.

Grow in Your Faith

There is something for everyone at Westminster. Everyone has a God-given gift to share with the world. We need you to be the church God is calling us to be. Join us to discover some of the ways you can encounter the living God, grow in your faith, and use your gifts in service to others and to the glory of God.

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There is something for everyone at Westminster.
Everyone has a God-given gift to share with the world. We need you to be the church God is calling us to be.


Holly Christensen

Our family found Westminster Presbyterian Church through the music. Our sons studied with the former music director, Jim Mismas. In his final year as director, my husband, three adult sons and I joined the choir. Not only did we love singing every Sunday, we came to love the community at WPC. There is nothing in the mission of the church and Pastor Hauerwas's sermons that is contrary to our own Buddhist beliefs, for WPC has a compassionate congregation lead by a thoughtful pastor. We are now Buddhists who regularly and happily attend Christian church services at WPC.

Kacey Yates Gable

Westminster has been my church home since I was a child. Growing up in the children's and youth programs, where my faith was developed, I confirmed my belief in God and God's love for all. The beautiful building and grounds hold a special place in my heart as my husband and I were married in the Celtic Garden and celebrated in Wright-Herberich Hall. But most importantly the inclusive congregation is my family, where we have decided to raise our children. Teaching them through Christian education, choral and hand bell choirs, and inter-generational discipleship programs.

Greg Works

In school, I found myself in an individualized program pursuing my interests of religion and environmental science: two fields that seem destined for each other. I am excited to be on a path towards involvement in a ministry focused on earth and social justice, or even towards attending seminary. At Westminster, I have been delighted to help with the Youth Ministry and I’m enthusiastic about the future of our church. The passionate, open, and forward-thinking community at Westminster has guaranteed spiritual growth and is a great thing for me to be a part of.

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