Prayer Ministry

Prayer is a fundamental practice of Christian discipleship, deepening our relationship with God and others. When the apostles asked Jesus how they ought to pray, he gave them the Lord’s Prayer as a template. To this day, Jesus’ template remains a hallmark of both personal and corporate faith.




At Westminster, we know that prayer is not relegated to Sundays. We can pray anytime and anywhere. We can pray for ourselves, our neighbors, and our world. Members of our congregation are encouraged to contact our pastor to share their joys and concerns. These will be updated and distributed weekly to other members of the congregation who have asked to receive the intercessory prayer list.



Before submitting a prayer request, we ask that you first contact the individual whom you would like to add and request their permission to do so. Every individual has the right to privacy regarding their health and well-being. If they consent to your request, we will gladly add them to our list.  


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