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As part of our spiritual outreach to the community, Westminster is proud to offer five concerts at five o’clock on Sunday afternoons. These concerts of universal inspiration are made possible through the generous support of many. Admission is free. Professional free childcare is available.

In the ancient world, hospitality was of paramount importance. Jesus, in seeking to build a beloved community, recognized the importance of hospitality both given and received. When dispatching his followers, Jesus sent them out on the assumption that they would depend on hospitality as they traveled. And he praised those who extended compassionate invitations to others, saying “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” (Mt. 25:35)

We know what hospitality feels like, and we are grateful when others invite us in. At Westminster, the 5@5 Concert Series is more than the expression of beautiful music, though it certainly is that. It is also a demonstration of our congregation’s love for the surrounding community. We want to welcome you, warmly and often, so that we may no longer be strangers, but friends.

When our ushers open the doors and welcome you into our historic sanctuary, something special happens. Community is formed. Hospitality is shared. Friendships emerge. God’s purposes are accomplished. We are excited to offer these concerts to you once again, and we hope that you will accept the invitation to be our guests.

With deep appreciation for your presence among us, The Reverend Jon Hauerwas.

2019-2020 Schedule

September 8, 2019

Colin McKnight: Solo Organ Recital

October 13, 2019

Dr. Dave Thomas: Jazz Quintet

November 17, 2019

Les Délices: Intoxicating

March 15, 2020

Andrew Sords: Violonist

May 3, 2020

Concert Cancelled

Wright Family Singers: Gospel Music Concert

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