Youth: 7-12 grade

IGNITE (Sunday School Class for grades 7-12)
Meets every Sunday, September 11 through Memorial Day, at 9:30 am in the New Youth Center, on the second floor of the education wing.

Downloadable Forms
(only 1 of each form below needed on file for each school year)

Parent Support

We recognize that any of the ministries we offer students include their parents. From time to time, parents will be invited to participate. More importantly, we want parents to have a safe place to ask questions or seek answers, too.


The children and youth ministry engages and serves the families in our community, teaching God’s word and nurturing faithful disciples who will grow in God’s love.


We are faithful: We teach children and youth to explore and grow in their faith through the biblical reformed tradition. Living a life of integrity, all are encouraged to deepen their relationship with God through questioning, discovery and prayer.

We are joyful: We lead with joy that grows out of faith and commitment to our ministry, creating an environment in which children, youth and volunteers flourish.

We are inclusive: We are open and affirming. We welcome all families and recognize each child and youth as God’s unique creation.

We are compassionate: We offer a caring and engaging environment. We encourage a loving and respectful approach to others as we demonstrate God’s love in our world.

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