Children’s Choir

The Westminster Presbyterian Church Children’s Choir

is a mixed vocal ensemble for children in grades Kindergarten through 5th. They meet on Sundays during worship time, leaving service after the Time for Young Disciples. At 11:30, rehearsal concludes and the students are brought down to Wright-Herberich Hall and await the end of the service and their parents. The Children’s Choir will sing in worship, often accompanied by piano, sometimes by organ or other musical instruments.


Music is the shape and form of the invisible.

-Leonardo da Vinci

At Westminster Church, there are many opportunities for children and adults to make music together by singing or ringing or BOTH! Those who participate find their lives wonderfully enriched as they work together for a common good, that of making music which enlightens and inspires those who hear it about the grace and magnificence of Almighty God. We all take delight in autographing our work with excellence and we have fun learning and growing together. Is it life-changing? We certainly believe that it is indeed! If you’d like to join us in any way, please contact our Children’s Choir Director, Valerie Stewart, and she will point you in the right direction at

Sing, Ring or Both! JOIN NOW!

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